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Blind Girl Or Slave Girl :iconsuspenseblue31:suspenseblue31 1 0 Anti-proxy from The Adventures of Alex Liddel :iconsuspenseblue31:suspenseblue31 0 0 Steven Liddel Jake Liddel Sketches :iconsuspenseblue31:suspenseblue31 0 0 Alex Liddel Sketches :iconsuspenseblue31:suspenseblue31 0 0 Dima Jakov :iconsuspenseblue31:suspenseblue31 4 13
Awkward: Chapter 10 best liar of the year goes to
my hands are moving smoothly, my eyes were closed and my mind were focus into the melody. That was all that I was paying attention. All around didn't matter, it was just me and my violin, playing with care and enjoy, that all what I matter.
The wind was blowing my hair, the sky was blue and sunny, it was just another day, another joyful day. And just in a couple of second, the music, was over.
I open my eyes while hearing a lot of claps in front of me.
" so!? How was it!? Do you like it?" I said excited
" indeed" he said while smiling " you really are good with that violin, I was relaxed while listening to you"
" really!? I so happy!! I have a ton of others pieces if you wanna hear more" I said while getting close to him
He smile at me gently while petting me with his skeleton hand
" I will be so pleased to hear you play again"
" yes!!" I respond with enthusiac
My heart, full of warm and happiness, I grab my violins and get to started again with another melody.
Times like these...are r
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Awkward: Chapter 9 im fine
" I see..." Frisk said while looking at the table after I tell him all about flowey. " but kind of funny!!" He smile " why were you in a pet shop flowey?"
" SHUT UUUUUP!! YOU FUCKING FREAKING IDIOT HUMAN!!!" Flowey scream while hiding in the bathroom
" hehehehe, It seems you didn't change" he said while laughing
The two of them keep talking, while for my part, I was just eating my pizza
" hey flowey, the pizza is gonna get cold if you stay there, are you sure you don't wanna eat with us?"
" I NOT GONNA EAT WITH HIM!! " he scream while closing the door
" oh least I try..." I said disappointed
Suddenly frisk stand up and go to the bathroom
" wait!! What are you doing here!? Go away!! I said go away!! Did you hear me idiot!! Wait!! Stop it!! Stooooop! Let me go!! Let me go you freaking idiot!! Lolaaaaaa!! LOLAAAAAA!!"
I heard flowey's scream, but ignore them and keep eating the pizza.
Frisk get back, with flowey in his hands, and but him in the table with us
" I hate
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Awkward: Chapter 8 Everything is starting again
 Block! Then...-
 " Aah!!" Suddenly I fall to the ground hard, I feel my knees and elbows burning from the pain.
 " To slow!! You must be faster with your attacks to surprise your enemy...Do it again!!"
 "Yes!!" I answer while getting up and putting in position
 My feet apart, my head straight, my body lower and my posture firm. I breath deeply, then blow it...
 I have to concentrate to my enemy, I have to him.
 We stare to each other for while, watching every move we could possible do in any moment. I started running in to him, I was going to attacking him, put he quickly position to defend himself, blocking my attack with his sword. He tried to do the same, but I react and get away from him faster, he come to me  ready to surprise me, but I already notice, resulting ours swords were crossed. We keep attacking and defend to each other, our swords never stop sounding every time t
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Awkward: Chapter 7 Haters gonna hate name is Lola. I just....a normal person....kind of...ok, defiantly wierd but...."sigh"...I got a secret. The true is...
I'm a shooter.
Nobody else know, my family.....even my childhood best friend, Frisk. Is not so hard what you guys think, in fact, is kind of easy, all I need to do is position myself in my window, get my gun ready and point that mother-FUCKING monsters haters, who do their protests in 6:30 in the morning, screaming and doing noisy, waking me up and everyone else in the neighborhood on FREAKING Saturday......I want my SLEEP back.
" the monsters are a danger for our society!! Soon they gonna show their true self and kill all the human race!!"
" this injustice must stop!! This is our home!! They must go back where they belong!!"
"They want our souls!! All the humans'a souls!! We have to destroy them before they does to us !!"
" we can let these things keep walking on the street!! They must to put in prison again!! Think of the safety of the children!!"
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Awkward: Chapter 6 And th series begin...
Undyne was looking so intensely at me, while a I was drinking my coffee
" what?" I ask and look at her without understand, what is she doing?
" no matter how much I look, you don't look like a trouble person, frisk, are you sure you didn't confuse with someone?"
" U-Undyne!!" Said Alphys kind of nervous
Frisk chuckles a little nervous
" well....humans always said this, appearances deceive" I said while drinking my coffee and petting mister chuckles who was sitting in my lap
" totally agreed" said sans while reading the newspaper, i look at him strange, the way he said like he has "experience" about it..
" but hey, don't worry, I don't do that stuff anymore..."
" I absolute don't believe that" said frisk with a poker face
"....T-that hurt...y-you know" I said kind of surprise that he said that, I don't DO that stuff anymore!!.......well...depends of SOME kind situations.....yeah, he is right, I still doing it..
" BREAKFAST IS READY!!" Said papyrus, who put all the food on the ta
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Mature content
The number... :iconsuspenseblue31:suspenseblue31 0 0
The number... :iconsuspenseblue31:suspenseblue31 1 9 Raymond the cursed book :iconsuspenseblue31:suspenseblue31 0 0
Awkward: Chapter 5 Reunion
Chapter Text
Aaaaah~ i so tired right now~ but i don't have time to rest. I put my keys into the key hole, opening the door of my apartment. i really need to finish that work, or I will be serious problems with my grades-
...... No impossible!! That... THAT Is...!!!
" CHOCOLATE" I said with happiness while seeing in front of me a big, huge piece of chocolate!
I run into it and bite a a big piece
I can feel all the chocolate melting in my mouth. This is the best day I ever had I giving another bite and lick it
Mmh? The chocolate is talking?
I keep sucking the chocolate slowly and biting it
I slowly opened my eyes, seeing all blurry for a moment, i blink few times, until my sight got normal
The first thing I saw was flowey, he was looking at me with pretty angry creepy face, then, the second I saw, was that my arms were grabbing him while my mouth were sucking and biting his
:iconsuspenseblue31:suspenseblue31 1 0
Awkward: Chapter 4 The meeting
RUN, RUN, RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN!! For god sake! I'm REALLY fucked LATE!! Jenny and I woke up late at my apartment, we got dress up fast and were running to catch our taxis and buses, I think we got aaaall the attention...whatever, I...I don't about this moment
" OK, THAT'S MY BUS!! SEE YOU AGAIN JENNY, HAVE A NICE DATE!!" I said while running to the bus
" Bye Lola!! I really have fun!! Have a nice day too!!" Said Jenny while saying bye with her hand and running to get a taxi
Uuuff....Thanks to god that I get in, I paid the bus and sit in the back, I always like to sit there, all the space by myself...well..almost...there was a guy at the other side, close to the window, hiding his face with his hoodie. I didn't pay attention to him, so I put my headphones in my hears and started to listening music. Once the bus arrived, I get down and walk right to the college, thanks god that I get on time.
The classes started and the teacher started to talk, I was listening very concentra
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Awkward: chapter 3 Sleepover
"Uuuuugh....damn it..." I said while getting up. I really have to do many things today, go to class, work at the restaurant, buy the food and help Jenny with her dress....Aaaah...better start soon.
I went to the kitchen ready and I opened the fridge.
" hi flowey, what do you want to eat?" I asked while looking the food
" HA!! NOW you remember me?"
" oh come on~... I thought this topic was over yesterday "
He just said a " Mmh!" and look away
" hey! How about cereal?"
" I don't have arms to eat it "
" ah don't worry about it, I will feed you for you, but first...Have you seen Mr. Chuckles? I can find him anywhere" I said while looking at my round
" I don't know... Maybe, is on the balcony and probably, because of his HEAVY WEIGHT.. He fell and CRUSH on the ground and all his parts are EVERYWHERE on it...?" he said while smiling
"........keep THAT attitude and I will NOT feed for several days..." I pointing him while he gets back looking threaten. " yeah... MUCH wait for a m
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Blind Girl Or Slave Girl

Practice!!! i still not satified but i like it how was the result ^^

i have a kind of story of this one about a society with monsters, humans and hybrids, which slavery still exist, this human girl is a slave to a monster, the reason why she is using a bandage is a symbol of inferiority, that a slave has no right to see people, especially to thier master, and they always must to look down as submissive, they even have a tattoo on thier body as a mark to identified as a slave.

In resume, I have a plot on this, but is just an a idea ^^;

SORPRESA!!!! volvi, no lo van a creer, pero mi colegio esta huelga, si....por lo que no hay clases, asi que pense, ¿por que no aprovechar?,igual espero que los profes logren su objetivo, ya que esto afecta a todos, ya que, me atrasa mi graduación y los profes no reciben su sueldo.... asi que, ¡¡¡¡ANIMO!!!! ¡¡¡Y ESFUERZO!!!

SURPRISE!!! i get back, you wouldn´t believe it but my school are in walkout, so....there isn´t class, so i thought, why don´t take advantage of ? still, hope that the teachers achieve their objective, because this affects at everybody, my graduation will be late and the teachers won´t recieve their paid, so ¡¡¡CHEER UP!!! AND EFFORT!!!


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